Third generation in wine

04:00, Jun 19 2012
Carlos Orgiles
Keeping it in the family: Isabel Vineyard winemaker Carlos Orgiles, with 3-month-old daughter Juno, and dog Luna, the great dane in residence, at the company's base in Renwick. Mr Orgiles hopes to pass on his exuberance for all things concerning grapes to Juno, who was born during this year's vintage. Juno's mother Jane Tiller is assistant winemaker at Isabel Vineyard.

Grapes are a family affair for Carlos Orgiles, who keeps kith and kin close at the family-owned and operated Isabel Vineyard.

The partner of its assistant winemaker, Jane Tiller, he has just been made winemaker for the Hawkesbury Rd company.

Mr Orgiles hails from Alicante, Spain, but has been working in the Marlborough wine industry for seven years.

He leapt at the double incentive of a promotion and the opportunity to work with family at Isabel Vineyard in March, following five years as assistant winemaker for Seresin.

He also celebrated the 14th vintage of his career at Isabel, as well as the birth of his daughter with Juno.

Winemaking is both a vocation with constant learning and a life-long passion for Mr Orgiles.


He said he still remembers picking grapes off the vines of his parents' vineyard as a 10-year-old.

On gaining the equivalent of a masters degree in chemistry and attending winemaking school in Alicante, he set off to explore and work in wine regions around the world including Chile, California, France and New Zealand.

"It's something you can create," he said. "Wine is just wine – but there is so much added value from the stories behind it. When you have the opportunity to create something that can give happiness, you produce something internal ... it's fantastic and it's such a privilege to have the opportunity to be able to do something right."

Working in Marlborough allowed him to produce more varieties than he could have in hotter growing areas overseas, where there tended to be a focus on "big reds" such as bordeaux or cabernet sauvignon, he said.

Isabel Vineyard owner Michael Tiller was thrilled at the arrival of baby Juno, the winemaking family's third generation.

"Carlos' unique winemaking style and experience, teamed with the arrival of our beautiful granddaughter Juno, highlights exactly what we are all about," Mr Tiller said. "Family, passion and integrity."

Isabel Vineyard was established by Michael and Robyn Tiller in 1982, and their sons and daughters have all worked for the family business: Jane is the assistant winemaker, Caitlin is in charge of the winery's marketing, Brad is a viticulturist, and Luke, who is now in Melbourne studying towards a Masters in business, was a cellar hand.