Students make campsite shelter

19:17, Jun 25 2012
Hard work: NMIT pre-trade carpentry students load their cooking shelter onto a barge at Picton Marina to be transported to Camp Bay.

A class of carpentry students has built and transported a cooking shelter to a Conservation Department campsite in Queen Charlotte Sound.

Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology pre-trade carpentry students built the shelter, which will be used to cover a cooking area, as part of their course requirements and accompanied it from their campus in Blenheim to Camp Bay on June 19.

A pre-trade qualification needs to be completed before students can become apprentice carpenters.

Speaking at Picton Marina as the pieces were loaded onto a barge, NMIT pre-trade carpentry student Toka Nelson said the class of 12 enjoyed building the shelter but persistent rain on the day put a slight dampener on their trip up the Sound.

"We're going with it to the campsite, probably until the end of the week [June 22], to set it up.

"It's going to be a good trip but, yeah, not the best weather for it."


The class had spent the last three weeks building the wooden shelter to be used at a Conservation Department campsite along with an existing toilet and fresh-water tap.

The site sits about halfway along the 71-kilometre Queen Charlotte Track and is a popular rest stop for trampers and cyclists.

NMIT pre-trade carpentry student Case de Wagt said students had made furniture and a deck for tutors in the past so making the shelter was a unique learning experience.

"It's all for the theory part of the course really, the things we need to do to get into an apprenticeship," Mr de Wagt said.

"This has probably been one of the better ones."

Conservation Department community relations manager Siobain Browning said the students' work was excellent and the department appreciated their help in developing the public campsite.

"They volunteered their time and effort and it's a great thing for them to have done.

"The shelter will be used by countless numbers of people and I'm sure they'll appreciate it too."

The event tied in with national Volunteer Awareness Week which ran from June 17 to 23.