Drugs, violence worry Marlburians most

22:39, Jul 02 2012

Transport safety, workplace and learning environments, alcohol and other drugs, rural and outdoor safety, safe homes, and community and family violence are the six key safety strands that most concern Marlburians.

The issues were identified in three community meetings as part of the process which began in May to get World Health Organisation accreditation for Marlborough.

More than 100 people from Marlborough spoke up about the safety issues they believe need addressing in the community.

Marlborough District Council safer communities manager Paul Johnson said although six strands have been identified as the key safety issues, vulnerable groups including children and youth, the over-65s, and migrant communities also have to be taken into account, as would education, access to services, and emergency preparedness.

Alcohol and drugs and community and family violence were two issues that really concerned people, while the child and youth issue was one of the primary concerns to everyone, Mr Johnson said.

The next step is a series of meetings for each strand. The group will do a stock take of the services available in the community, and analyse the gaps, he said.


The Marlborough Express