Dog still at large

One of two dogs that killed 11 merino wethers in the Taylor Pass near Blenheim has not been found.

The owner of the sheep, Duncan Grigg of Meadowbank Station, said one dog was shot straight after the sheep were killed on a property south of Blenheim where they had been grazed.

A trap was laid but failed to catch the second dog, said Mr Grigg.

Maata Waka animal control and Marlborough District Council staff said they could not talk about the attack, including what had happened to the remaining dog, because an investigation was under way.

Maata Waka tracked down the dogs' owners to a house in Weld St and the owners seemed to accept they should pay compensation, Mr Grigg said. He did not know if the surviving dog had returned home. Immediately after the attack, Mr Grigg thought nine sheep, each worth about $110, had been killed, but he had since found two more dead sheep.

Marlborough District Council animal control administration officer Shelley Lines said the council thoroughly investigated dog attacks. Action taken depended on the scale of the attack, she said.

Dogs could be destroyed with the owner's agreement or following a court order; seized and impounded until safety concerns were met; or classified as dangerous.

Owners of dogs that attacked people or animals could be prosecuted or fined, Ms Lines said.

She could not discuss specifics of the recent sheep mauling.

The Marlborough Express