Roads may close again

22:02, Aug 11 2012

Surface flooding in Marlborough  has gradually eased during the past two days, but rain last night and this morning is slowly pushing river levels up again.

Most roads had reopened since Thursday but the situation could change quickly and drivers are advised to take care and drive to the conditions.

The region is sodden after almost 10 days of persistent rain this month, and officials say there is little chance for the water to drain away.

The roads update from the Marlborough District Council at 9am today is:

Roads closed:



Extra caution needed on roads

It may sound obvious to most people, but a Marlborough driving instructor said drivers just needed to look where they were going.

Regent School of Motoring owner Mike McCann said a lot of drivers didn't look at what was in front of them.

"Watch out for pot holes, ice on the road and just be careful."

If roads were flooded, drivers should slow right down, he said.

"You don't know how deep it is. If it's safe to do so, pull out and go around it."

When the roads are wet, turn the three-second rule into the four-second rule, he said.

"It comes down to just taking a little bit more care.

"You might get there a minute later, but you'll get there safely."

Marlborough Highway Patrol member Senior Constable Todd Monaghan said drivers needed to adjust to the conditions.

"Slow down and be mindful of debris and water on the road."

"Drive to the conditions, slow right down, and drive with caution."

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