Threats cost teen

19:49, Aug 13 2012

A Havelock teenager has been fined $600 for acting in a threatening manner and being in possession of a knife and a T-ball bat.

Hayden John Thompson, 17, a deck hand, was also ordered to pay close to $400 in court costs when he appeared in the Blenheim District Court yesterday.

The court heard there was an altercation on a school bus on August 1 between a young woman, a friend of Thompson's, and a young man who was demanding a drink from another student.

After the defendant's friend stepped in, the young man started making threats to stab Thompson.

Judge Denys Barry said Thompson armed himself with the pocket knife and Recon T-ball bat after hearing about the incident later that night.

Judge Barry told the court that Thompson went to the home of the young man at Havelock Quay with the weapons hidden inside his bomber jacket.


When the young man and other family members came outside, Thompson confronted him about his earlier comments.

Thompson then threw the knife to the young man and challenged him to carry out his threat before producing the 70cm bat from underneath his jacket.

A verbal exchange broke out as the young man's family tried to get Thompson to drop his weapon, Judge Barry said.

There was a brief fight between the two men before Thompson left.

Police arrived shortly after.

"What possessed you to carry out this foolhardy piece of macho behaviour, goodness only knows but you did accept responsibility for it," Judge Barry said.

"Fortunately it was defused before anyone got hurt."

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