Disruptions continue on Eagle Air flights

Air New Zealand has extended flexibility options to customers whose flights are disrupted by the grounding of some Eagle Air flights, says an Air New Zealand spokeswoman.

About 90 per cent of Eagle Air's normal seat capacity is being provided through the wider Air NZ domestic fleet, as some Eagle Air aircraft remain grounded.

Cracks were initially found in the tail of three of the airline's fleet of 18 Beech 1900D aircraft on Tuesday last week, causing the Air New Zealand subsidiary to cancel flights across the country.

Eleven of the planes were back in service on Monday, but some disruption to flights continues.

The airline initially offered passengers booked to travel on Eagle Air flights (NZ2000 series flight numbers) up to and including yesterday a raft of alternatives. They have extended these option to September 16.

Those passengers can choose to switch to another Air New Zealand flight on the same route, apply the fare to another destination, or choose to have the fare held in credit. A full refund is available where none of these options meet the customer's needs.

"With the support from the rest of Air New Zealand's domestic fleet, Eagle Air is continuing to offer around 90 per cent of its normal seat capacity although there will be some schedule changes," the spokeswoman said.

Most customers had been re-accommodated, she said.

Eagle Air is working with the Beech 1900D manufacturer on the repair requirements, which vary for each aircraft, she said.

Minor cracking in aircraft was not unusual and routine maintenance programmes and inspections were in place to identify and enable repair of these, she said.

The Marlborough Express