School stars show their heels

21:31, Aug 20 2012
Cross country 7
Holly Blake Fairhall School comes home first in the year five girls.
Cross country 6
Joseph Westend, Fairhall school, crosses the line in second place in the year six boys
Cross country 5
Boys under six section undeterred by the water crossing.
Cross country 4
Holly Blake, Fairhall School comes home first in the year five girls section.
Cross country 3
Will Chaffey, Ward School, comes home in first place in the year six boys.
Cross country 2
Year six girls
Cross country 1
Phoebe Trolove, Renwick School, leads the year six girls into the first turn.

School children from throughout the region competed in the Marlborough Primary Schools' 2012 cross country championship in Blenheim yesterday.

The children ran courses in the Wither Hills Farm Park.

The year 5 and 6 pupils ran a 2km course and the year 7 and 8 pupils covered 3km.

The top three finishers in each race will represent the top-of-the-south Tasman region at the inter-provincial cross country champs to be held in Wellington next month.


Year 5 boys: Fergus Greer, Fairhall, 1; Jonty Roubos, Renwick, 2; Jaden McHerron, St Joseph's Kaikoura, 3.


Year 5 girls: Holly Blake, Fairhall, 1; Ruby Armstrong, Kaikoura Suburban, 2; Danielle Pattison, St Joseph's, 3.

Year 6 boys: Will Chaffey, Ward, 1; Joseph Westend, Fairhall, 2; Torban Otway, Renwick, 3.

Year 6 girls: Phoebe Trolove, Renwick, 1; Billie Watson, Picton, 2; Laura Woolf, Waikawa Bay, 3.

Year 7 boys: Connor Guillemot, Fairhall, 1; Xaviar Burnett-Meurier, Bohally, 2; Caylem Cooke, Riverlands, 3.

Year 7 girls: Evie McPherson, Ward, 1; Libby McDonald, Fairhall, 2; Millie Burfoot, St Mary's. 3.

Year 8 boys: Nic Murray, Renwick, 1; Harrison Pine, Bohally, 2; Wilson Meadowcroft, Renwick, 3.

Year 8 girls: Stella Blake, Fairhall, 1; Liv Bishop, Rapaura, 2; McKenzie Baker-Flynn, St Joseph's 3.

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