Woman appeals length of sentence

04:00, Aug 22 2012

A Blenheim woman is appealing the sentence of two and a half years' jail she was given for attempted robbery.

Rebecca Rose Foster, 23, was part of a group of five Blenheim people sentenced this month to between two and a half and 10 years in prison for two attempted armed robberies last year.

Foster admitted a charge of assault with intent to rob after taking part in the first robbery on February 8, 2011. She was the driver of a car which picked up two men from Kaikoura who the group had organised to rob.

Defence lawyer Rob Harrison said Foster had appealed the sentence and he was waiting for a hearing date.

Foster was part of the first robbery where two of the group lured two men from Kaikoura by offering to sell them cannabis, and then tried to rob them of $6000.

Foster drove one car to meet the men in Blenheim. She then waited with one of the men while fellow accused James Raymond Marzola, 28, drove the second man to another location and tried to rob him.


The Crown said Foster was involved in planning the crime along with Marzola, Tan Junior Ropitini, 23 and Tai Hapata Cameron Gorrie, 28.

But when she was sentenced on August 3, Mr Harrison said Foster did not know about the robbery until it was under way and then she did what she was told.

She was remorseful and wanted a clean start at life to look after her young child, he said.

Ropitini, Marzola, Gorrie and Nioulini David Fotu, 27, were sentenced to between four and 10 years in prison.

Marzola's lawyer, Mike Hardy-Jones, said his client would not be appealing the sentence.

It is not known if the other men will appeal their sentences.

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