Famine pupils thanked

04:00, Aug 28 2012

Picton School pupils raised enough money to feed 108 African children for a month and the school was one of the top 20 primary schools to fundraise for World Vision in the South Island this year.

Fourteen pupils raised $648.70 by completing 20-hour famines where they went without food or something which was important to them.

World Vision schools relationship co-ordinator Chris Davis spoke at the school on Thursday to thank the pupils for all their hard work and teach them why it was important to help those in need.

He accepted their contributions which were collected after the children completed their challenges in May.

The money raised will go towards helping people in Mali and Niger, West Africa, who are starving because of a severe famine.

The most popular option was to skip eating food from 6pm on a Friday night to 2pm on a Saturday afternoon.


Pupil Alex Aldridge, 10, was delighted to have organised the event among his peers and followed in the footsteps of his sister, Queen Charlotte College pupil Tori Aldridge, who organised it when she was at Picton School.

Alex spoke about the importance of raising money for starving children at a school assembly and encouraged fellow pupils to take part by giving up something important to them for 20 hours.

"If we don't do anything more kids get sick and could starve and die." The money would likely be spent on maize and millet.

After only being allowed to eat barley sugars for 20 hours, as per the rules, the first thing Alex ate was a packet of potato chips that his Mum brought to a netball game.

Pupil Jack Schumacher, 10, raised the most money with a total of $107 by not talking. "It wasn't too bad, about half the time I was sleeping, and I was allowed to talk at rugby - but I could never stop eating." Jack said he hoped to break his record next year.

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