Sewerage issues at lodge

Furneaux Lodge has not been able to install a new sewerage system and yesterday was granted a resource consent to continue discharging into the sea in the Marlborough Sounds.

The Marlborough District Council yesterday granted Furneaux permission to discharge treated wastewater into the coastal marine environment up to a maximum rate of 35 litres a day. The consent is valid for 18 months, with the expectation a land-based system would be installed by September next year.

Lodge owner Geoff Faulkner told the Marlborough Express in March he would install a system during winter, but yesterday he said that had not happened.

He had approval from the Conservation Department to use land for the new system, which was being designed and he then had to get a building consent.

"It won't be in for summer. We are still working to get it in as soon as we can . . . there is a lot of pressure to get it in by the council. We may do it this summer. Everyone wants to see it in, including me."

Mr Faulkner agreed there was a financial element in his failure to install a system.

"It has been difficult to run the lodge these past couple of years.

"There is definitely a financial element, but it will happen . . . that's what we're working to do."

It was "absolutely" his intention to have the new system in before the resource consent expired, Mr Faulkner said.

The Marlborough Express