Flower baskets to be lowered

Blenheim will trial hanging decorative baskets at lower than usual heights in the town centre, according to Marlborough District Council assets and services manager Mark Wheeler.

Renwick resident Mike Veal wrote to the Marlborough Express last week to say that the hanging baskets in Blenheim were too high and passers-by could not see the flowers.

He said that each winter the council removed the hanging flower baskets, which was fair enough, but why put them back at a height where they could not be appreciated?

Nelson hung its floral baskets in Trafalgar St below the verandas and in full view where they can be appreciated, Mr Veal said.

Mr Wheeler said the council would return the hanging baskets to the CBD next month and would trial hanging them at lower levels as suggested by Mr Veal.

A trial was needed because the Blenheim baskets were larger. The council had to be careful the baskets were safe to hang at a new height from the existing supports, he said.

The trial would be assessed, to see what people thought and to cost out the changes, Mr Wheeler said.

The Marlborough Express