Trip to Japan exciting for students

20:11, Sep 24 2012

Today, eight students and three teachers of Queen Charlotte College will leave Picton at the crack of dawn to embark on the trip of a lifetime.

We will leave school, heading to Christchurch Airport, from where we will fly to Sydney.

From Sydney, we will travel on to Tokyo, Japan. There, our group will spend 17 days in Japan, studying the language and learning about Japanese culture and traditions. We will put to good use the three years of study at Queen Charlotte.

For months now our group has spent countless hours arduously labouring away selling sushi and firewood, sizzling sausages, and doing other fundraising activities. Just recently we have had a successful fundraising dinner auction. The Japanese menu was created in front of the diners, and the dinner was followed by an auction of items supplied by some very generous supporters. The night was thoroughly enjoyed by members of the community and everyone left with a smile.

We have put a lot of our time and effort into raising the funds ourselves, so the personal cost is minimised as much as possible. While doing this, however, we have not gone hands out to the community in expectation, and have always recognised those who have helped us in our efforts. Without the community and close family support, our trip wouldn't be possible and we wouldn't be where we are today.

Excitement levels are running high as the departure gets closer. It is rapidly changing from a distant prospect of travel to a distant land, to a stark reality. We are all looking forward to the trip immensely.

When I have spoken to members of the community, all have stated words to the effect of: "Japan! Wow, when I went to school we were lucky to go to the museum, or the local zoo!”

I am grateful for the opportunities that my school presents me with. I greatly look forward to the Japan trip, and am excited to take advantage of any other chances that come my way.


The Marlborough Express