Thief swapped toasters

A repeat shoplifter told security officers he put an expensive toaster in a cheaper toaster box because he wanted a silver one not a white one.

In Blenheim District Court yesterday Matthew John Farrant, 37, unemployed, of Redwoodtown, admitted a charge of shoplifting $94.97 of goods from The Warehouse and was sentenced to 100 hours' community work and ordered to pay $94.97 in reparation.

Police prosecutor Mark Lucas said Farrant went to the store on September 23 and took the store's cheapest brand of toaster from its box and put a more expensive toaster in the box. He then put a bike light and bike computer in the box and went to the counter, where he paid for the toaster at the cheaper price. When he was stopped by store security he admitted swapping the toasters, saying he wanted a silver one not a white one, Mr Lucas said.

Judge Richard Russell said Farrant had multiple shoplifting convictions and had been sentenced for shoplifting on September 3.

"You are not getting the message," Judge Russell said.

He told Farrant he was putting a final warning on his record meaning it was likely he would be sent to prison if he appeared on another shoplifting charge.

Defence lawyer Kent Arnott said Farrant was due to start fulltime employment this week, which would help him to stop shoplifting.

The Marlborough Express