Police chase ends in crash

19:05, Oct 07 2012
Lucky escape: Three men were lucky to walk away from the crash scene on Sinclair St in central Blenheim following a police pursuit around 11pm Friday night.

A Subaru Impreza car was doing more than 100kmh in a 50kmh zone during a police chase that ended when it crashed into an oncoming truck on a main road in Blenheim late on Friday night.

Police said the three men involved - the 23-year-old driver of the Subaru, his male passenger, both from Blenheim, and a New Zealand Post truck driver - all walked away from the crash on Sinclair St, which is part of State Highway 1, about 11pm.

Alcohol was believed to have been a factor, police said.

Immobile: A New Zealand Post delivery truck stuck in the middle of Sinclair St after a Subaru Impreza coming the opposite direction crashed into its side at more than 100kmh in a 50km zone.

Sergeant Graham Single, of Blenheim, said a police patrol came across the Subaru doing donuts beside a pond on SH1 just out of Blenheim.

When the police signalled for the car to pull over, the Subaru driver turned back to Blenheim and drove along Grove Rd at speeds "in excess of 100kmh", Mr Single said.

The driver lost control where Grove Rd becomes Sinclair St, and the car hit the edge of the footpath, crashing into a New Zealand Post delivery truck and igniting.


Sergeant Dan Mattison, of Blenheim, who was driving the police patrol car, said he and the officer with him rushed to get the men out of the blaze, which went out by itself within a few minutes after the men were removed.

"They were dazed and confused and disoriented," Mr Mattison said.

The men did not require CPR, but were in no state to be breathalysed, he said.

The Blenheim Volunteer Fire Brigade and St John Ambulance attended the scene.

The two roundabouts near the crash site, at the intersections of Alfred and Nelson streets with SH1, and the intersection of Auckland St and SH1, were temporarily blocked as emergency services worked to clear road of the car and truck and debris. A crane was brought in to remove the truck. The men were transferred to Wairau Hospital and treated for minor injuries before being discharged Saturday morning.

Brodie Bourke, who was among a handful of onlookers at the scene, said he had been in his bedroom at a backpackers on Budge St and heard a large bang.

"All we heard was this loud bang - we had no idea what it was."

Police are investigating the crash and awaiting the blood sample results for the driver of the Subaru, Mr Mattison said.

Grove Rd becomes Sinclair St toward the intersection with Main St. Many Blenheim people refer to the whole stretch of road as Grove Rd.

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