Stamp expo attracts international collectors

18:50, Oct 09 2012
Ron Hebberd
Not just stamps: Seddon resident, Ron Hebberd with his huge collection of anitque motorbikes and other collectables.

Blenheim will see the first national stamp-collecting expo to be held in Marlborough when the Blenpex 2012 Stamp and Postcard Exhibition opens this Friday.

The expo will feature collectors from around the country and overseas bringing their international gold-winning exhibits, knowledge and knowhow on the popular hobby. A huge amount of work and fundraising has had to be done by the Marlborough Stamp Collecting Club in order to secure the event.

Club member and collector Ron Hebberd said the large number of entries required that extra judges be found and flown in for the expo.

"We have 23 judges coming, many of whom are from overseas," said Ron, who has been collecting stamps for 67 years. He will be entering his collection of pre-1860s American Civil War stamps in the open category.

Various categories will be featured, from periods in history and countries to more obscure focuses like a food-and-wine related "gourmet" category, with a variety of themes on display. There is sure to be something of interest for just about everyone. Ron said about 8000 pages of stamps would be on display, along with information on their history and the significance of the era.

For most of us the idea of posting a letter to communicate with someone is a long-gone method, but, Ron said, this was once the fastest way of sending a message. "I have correspondence between a businessman and his wife where he sent a letter to her from his work saying that a colleague would be coming for dinner, with the reply from her just a few hours later.


"That is how the postal service used to run back in the day but these days more stamps are produced for collectors than for actual use on letters."

There will be 10 stamp dealers at the expo with expert knowledge and a wide selection of stamps. Also on display will be several of Ron's classic motorbikes from his private collection, as well as several antique sowing machines from his wife Shirley's collection.

There will also be fly-tying demonstrations, displays of weaving and spinning, and a visit by the Marlborough Falcon Trust and their magnificent birds of prey.

The Blenpex 2012 Stamp and Postcard Exhibition is at the Marlborough Lines Stadium 2000 on Friday and Saturday from 9am till 5pm and Sunday from 9am till 4pm. Entry is $2.

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