Locals know area better

02:00, Oct 10 2012

People who live in the Marlborough Sounds have a richer knowledge of the landscape than experts from outside the area, says Pelorus Sound's Tony Black.

Mr Black, whose family owns a bach 300 metres from a salmon farm at Waihinau, is opposing an application by New Zealand King Salmon to build nine new fish-farms in the Marlborough Sounds.

Experts for King Salmon came across as strangers to the landscape he knew well, Mr Black said.

King Salmon had applied to place salmon farms in three of four places he routinely took visitors to, Mr Black said. This included Waitata which was one of the last bays in the area with no man-made structures and the gun emplacement at Post Office Point.

Negative changes he had already seen in Waitata Reach included the collapse of the cod fishery, near-destruction of scallop beds and the loss of all but one remnant area of paua.


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