Picton viewers miss TV One

22:30, Oct 10 2012

Some Picton residents were forced to go without TVNZ channels for nine days after the Picton television transmitter broke.

Government-owned television company TVNZ has connected the Picton area to its Wellington feed while it repairs the Picton transmitter which broke on October 2.

Picton residents who still used analogue television sets as opposed to Freeview or Sky may have lost reception to TVNZ channels, including TV One, during the breakdown which lasted until Tuesday.

Picton resident Doug Bushby said he lost TV One as soon as the transmitter cut out.

"Monday's a good night, we get Border Patrol and Coastwatch, and I missed them. I think they're the favourites on anyone's minds."

He said had not really noticed a change in the advertisements, but was annoyed to see a vacuum cleaner that he had paid about $100 for in Blenheim was a lot cheaper at a store in Auckland.


Picton resident Dave Badger was also a big TV One fan and was forced to go without it for about five days until it came back on Tuesday.

"It's the most interesting channel, I've had to watch TV3 in the meantime and it's just ads, ads and more ads."

A TVNZ spokeswoman said Picton sets were diverted to the company's Wellington feed on Tuesday, the biggest difference would be that they watched North Island-based advertising while the Picton transmitter was fixed.

The station was unable to repair it until technical parts arrived. Repair work was slowed by bad weather on steep terrain which made access difficult earlier this month, she said.

The transmitter broke several days after the West Coast switched to digital television on September 30 and the timing was coincidental.

Marlborough is not scheduled to completely move to digital television until April 28, 2013.

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