Ex-chef picks up new hat

Blenheim entrepreneur Chris Fortune's latest venture, Fortune Bytes, sounds more like a snack than IT services.

However, people used to seeing Fortune in his chef's hat may be surprised to learn he also specialises in building websites and advising on cloud computing and social media.

Fortune has been a chef for 18 years, but has also been building and maintaining websites for the farmers' market network and other organisations throughout the country, he said.

"It's nothing new . . . I'm very interested and passionate about cloud computing and being able to work and interact from anywhere around New Zealand."

Fortune Bytes services include building websites, social media platforms and intranets. Fortune stepped down from his role as executive chef at the Marlborough Convention Centre in July to pursue his dream of earning $1 million in 12 months.

He is still speaking cryptically about his idea, but "Fortune Bytes is part of the big picture", he said.

The Marlborough Express