Agreement on toilet bid

03:00, Oct 25 2012

Ohingaroa Bay residents have agreed to Marlborough District Council applying for resource consent to install a toilet at the bay, as long as the application is heard by an independent commissioner.

Council assets and services committee chairman Graeme Taylor said that after another meeting with residents last week, he would ask the committee to approve staff applying for resource consent to install a toilet in the bay.

"I will take it back to council and put it on the path for resource consent. An independent commissioner to hear it."

Ohingaroa Bay was "a mixed community", he said.

"There are some residents who want it and are sick of the mess on the beach and there are some residents who don't want it. It was a mixed meeting."

Councillor Trevor Hook, who chaired the meeting with residents, said there was a feeling that people could make submissions if the council went through the resource consent process.


"Those that were against the toilet just want it stopped there and then, but people seemed quite positive that if it went to resource consent, it would go to an independent commissioner and they could have their say."

If it had to progress down any path, then the resource consent path was one they were comfortable with, he said.

"It will go through due process and I think that's important."

Ohingaroa Bay residents declined to comment on the meeting when contacted by the Express.

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