Eggcitement for falcons

Love nest: Napoleon and Sara
Love nest: Napoleon and Sara

Falcons Napoleon and Sara have produced the first eggs laid in the Marlborough Falcon Trust's aviary near Blenheim.

Falcon Trust programme manager Sara Kross said Sara laid her first egg on Tuesday last week, followed by another on Thursday and another on Saturday night. Napoleon was keeping a close eye on Sara as she incubates, and is warning off anyone who comes close with territorial "kekking" calls, she said.

Trust aviary manager Diana Dobson said falcons usually lay two or three eggs, but can produce up to four in a breeding season. Eggs are incubated for 30 days. Females do most of the incubating, while the males provide them with food and take over when the females want a break and a stretch, she said. This is the pair's first time breeding, so there are no guarantees the eggs will hatch.

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