Mopsy lives life on the edge

00:31, Nov 01 2012
Bryn Woolley
Bryn Woolley, 8, from Tua Marina School with Crystal in the ring waiting to be judged.
Jeremy Everson
Jeremy Everson, 8, from Springlands School and Candy wait in the ring to be judged for best breed.
Lucinda Judge
Lucinda Judge and Samantha Marshall, both 10.
Steph Wilson
Steph Wilson, 13, from Renwick School lies in the sun with Indie
Steph Wilson
Steph Wilson, 13, from Renwick School with Indie
Josh Hammond
Josh Hammond from Renwick School rests his head on his pet ram Bolt.
Lindsay McGinlay
Lindsay McGinlay, 10 from Fairhall School with her baby rabbit Cookies.
Lindsay McGinlay
Lindsay McGinlay and Cookies
Matthew McGruddy
Matthew McGruddy, 6, from Tua Marina School with Mopsy the rabbit.
Jack Iles
Jack, 9, and Liam Iles, 3, with Jack's chicken Pecker.
Talia Craddock
Talia Craddock, 10, from Rai Valley Area School with Akka the goat
Eleanor Grigg
Eleanor Grigg, 10, from Fairhall School with Louis the lamb

Mopsy the two-year-old rabbit likes to live dangerously.

The little grey and white fluffball has a habit of digging her teeth into electric cords and chewing them down to the wire, stopping only when she realises that it maybe isn't such a good idea after all.

Good thing, too, or she may not have picked up second place in the fur and fibre category at the annual Marlborough primary schools' Agricultural Club group day hosted by Seddon School yesterday.

Fur’s the limit: Matthew McGruddy’s two-year-old rabbit Mopsy took second place in the fur and fibre category at the annual Marlborough primary schools’ Agricultural Club group day hosted by Seddon

Owner and Tua Marina School pupil Matthew McGruddy was as chuffed as his mother, Sam McGruddy, about the win.

"This is our first group day, so its been really nice," Mrs McGruddy said.

However, organisers needed to introduce other pet categories as her seven-year-old son Andrew was "really keen" to enter his pet dragon lizard, she said with a smile.


When she's not chewing into power chords, Mopsy gets her choppers into only the finest fruit and veg, Mrs McGruddy said.

"She gets top dollar food like whole apples and nice fancy lettuces that are really expensive.

"Most people would just feed their rabbits scraps and vegetable peelings but we make sure she gets looked after well with fresh veggies."

Matthew also did a good job of regularly brushing and walking her, she said.

"He loves to take her out for walks. It's funny - you actually have to wait for her to hop. You can't just drag her along."

This attachment to animals was common among the folk who turned out at the pet and craft day yesterday.

Eight schools got involved - Renwick, Fairhall, Linkwater, Koromiko, Seddon, Rai Valley Area, Wairau and Tua Marina, with only the placegetters at each of their pet days getting through to the final cut.

Secretary Joanna Grigg said this year's event had drawn 130 pet entries for lambs, calves, goats, rabbits and hens and about 100 for craft.

While this was the usual number of entries, numbers in the goat category had exploded from about one or two to 10, she said.

The Agricultural Club group day, which has been going since 1944, was about encouraging animal husbandry among children, keeping alive the art of looking after animals on the farm, she said.

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