Tourists in separate crashes

03:00, Nov 05 2012
Car in a ditch
Police, Blenheim Volunteer Fire Brigade and St John Ambulance attend a car crash on Alabama Road around 11 o'clock on Friday morning

Three tourists in a car attempting to do a U-turn ended up in a creek that runs alongside Alabama Rd, in Blenheim, on Friday morning.

Blenheim station officer Nigel Botham said firefighters were called to the crash just after 11am.

All three women were out of the car by the time firefighters arrived, Mr Botham said.

Crash on the Grove Bridge, SH1 Blenheim. The car's front tyre hit the bridge and caused traffic delays.

St John team manager Rebecca Lee said a St John ambulance attended the crash, but no-one was injured.

A truck was called to hoist the car out of the creek.

Tourists were involved in a second crash in Blenheim on Friday, when a car hit the side of the historic Grove Rd bridge at the entrance to town from Picton.


The crash, about 1.20pm, closed the bridge and snarled traffic in and out of town.

American tourists Gangji Gala and his wife were in New Zealand for two weeks travelling the South Island, but trouble struck as he tried to negotiate the narrow bridge.

"The bridge is narrow, cars were coming towards me and I hit the kerb," Mr Gala said.

The crash almost sheared the left front wheel from the Subaru rental car.

The crash reduced the bridge to one lane for about half an hour, creating a line of traffic more than 30 cars long before a tow truck arrived to take the damaged car away.

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