'Going straight' - to prison

A gang member who claims he has turned in his patch and is trying to go straight has been sent to prison after threatening to stab a woman in the face.

Christopher Bishop Wallace Taurima, 46, of Springlands, was sentenced to four months' jail after admitting charges of threatening grievous bodily harm, entering a building with intent to commit a crime and possession of drug utensils.

The victim, his flatmate, was in Blenheim District Court on Monday to support Taurima and had also written to the judge in support of Taurima.

Judge Ian Mill said police arrested Taurima at the victim's home after she phoned 111 on August 24.

According to the transcript of the 111 call, the call-taker heard Taurima say he would stab the woman in the face and that he would "stab her before she got out the door", he said.

Representing himself, Taurima told the judge he only remembered saying he would "break every bone in your face".

Judge Mill said police found a syringe and pipe used for taking methamphetamine when they arrived to arrest Taurima, who had been drinking and broke a window on a door to get into the house before he began threatening the woman.

The woman told Judge Mill that Taurima had been arrested for wilful damage and the incident had then been blown out of proportion. Although she had been in shock on the phone, Taurima had calmed down quickly.

"It wasn't that bad and I can tell you I won't be phoning 111 in the future," she said.

However, the judge urged her to call if she needed help, and said it was clear she was very frightened during the incident. It was the sort of incident which could end up with someone being killed, he said.

Taurima told Judge Mill he had turned in his patch and was trying to go straight.

The Marlborough Express