Drug dealer admits selling P, robbery

A Kaikoura man has admitted selling methamphetamine and robbing a man who helped fund his drug dealing.

Desmond Steven Stewart Ngawhare, 22, a vineyard worker, was arrested during police drug raids in Kaikoura in May.

In Blenheim District Court yesterday, Ngawhare admitted two charges of supplying methamphetamine in Kaikoura and between Kekerengu and Ward on March 20 and April 3 and a charge of robbing Ross Minshall Sadler of cash with an associate on March 20.

Ngawhare also admitted two charges of conspiracy to supply methamphetamine together with Sadler, and one representative charge each of offering to supply methamphetamine, LSD and cannabis.

Judge Peter Butler remanded Ngawhare in custody to be sentenced on January 23. He asked that Ngawhare's pre-sentence report consider options for an electronically monitored sentence, but told Ngawhare it was likely he would go to prison.

Sadler, 21, also of Kaikoura, was sentenced to 10 months' home detention and 180 hours' community work in September after admitting giving Ngawhare $2000 to fund his drug dealing, as well as carrying out low-level cannabis dealing.

Also appearing in court yesterday:

Deborah Marie Satherley, 43, of Blenheim, admitted four representative drugs charges, one each of offering to supply methamphetamine, ecstasy, Ritalin and cannabis, between last September and January this year. She was remanded for sentence on January 22.

Nga Hau E Wha Maru, 18, unemployed, of Redwoodtown, admitted nine charges of offering to supply cannabis between March and April, one charge of possessing drug utensils and a charge of possessing 25 shotgun cartridges, a charge of assaulting a man and stealing his iPhone on April 6, and was remanded for sentence on January 23.

Johnathon Leslie Leaning, 40, unemployed, of Picton, admitted three charges of dishonestly taking copper planter boxes from addresses in Picton between January 26 and February 1 together with Michael James Reece. He also admitted three charges of entering a building with intent to commit a crime and two charges of entering a yard with intent to commit a crime and a charge of illegally possessing four 12-gauge shotgun shells. He was remanded for sentence on November 14.

Reece, 37, of Picton, had been sentenced in April for his part in the Picton thefts when he and Leaning broke into two Picton businesses and stole the planter boxes. Leaning's third charge of entering a building with intent to commit a crime was from an incident in Wakefield near Nelson between January 20 and 23.

Leaning's lawyer, Bryony Millar, said he had been held in custody since his arrest on February 3.

Aurora Diana Adair, 21, of Redwoodtown, admitted a charge of careless driving causing injury after an accident on July 6.

Prosecutor Mark Harris said Adair wrote off her car in the crash, about 1.34am in Bexhill Cres, in Blenheim, and both she and her passenger were injured.

Adair had just dropped a friend off and was driving to the end of the cul-de-sac to turn round when she began revving the souped-up car, making "impressive noises", he said. As Adair rounded the end of the street she lost control of the car, which skidded for 29 metres before it hit a tree, Mr Harris said.

She told police she thought she lost control when one of the wheels hit the kerb, he said.

Defence lawyer Rennie Gould said the crash left Adair with serious head injuries, and she was off work for more than three months. Her passenger suffered lesser injuries.

Along with the continued health problems, she had suffered financially as her car was not insured.

Adair had not been intending to drive that night, but had been talked into being the sober driver, she said.

She had not been drinking but was upset after breaking up with her partner and getting some bad family news earlier in the day, she said.

Adair had a clean driving history and was willing to take a defensive driving course.

Judge Butler said Adair was an inexperienced driver, but he decided not to add further penalties because she had suffered enough already.

Zane Russel Greer, 23, of Redwoodtown, admitted a charge of resisting arrest and breaching bail and was sentenced to 60 hours' community work.

Mr Harris said police went to Greer's house about 8.50pm on August 16 after reports of people fighting. Greer appeared to be drunk when she met them at the door, he said.

They arrested her because she was on bail with a condition not to drink alcohol.

Greer was abusive and aggressive and thrashed around the ground when the officers tried to put him in their car, he said. He continued to be offensive in the car and at the station he grabbed a pole and refused to be searched.

Gavin James Columbus, 40, of Springlands, admitted a charge of receiving stolen property and two charges of shoplifting and was remanded to January 14 for sentencing.

Mr Harris said the stolen property was a shark tooth on a gold clasp valued at about $400, which was among items stolen in a robbery in Grovetown on August 13.

On August 17, Columbus took the clasp to a jeweller in Picton, where he said he had found it in the bottom of a box he bought at auction, and sold it for $50, he said.

When he was arrested, he told police he had sold the clasp for a friend who could not sell it as he had no identification, he said.

On September 24, he took $133.70 of items from Countdown Springlands without paying and $9 of items from Countdown Blenheim on October 23, Mr Harris said. He told police he had been having trouble making ends meet.

Ahu Stanley Taylor, 36, a carpenter, of Kaikoura, appeared on a charge of assault with intent to injure and was remanded to appear in Kaikoura District Court on Friday.

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