One uniform to recognise SAR

Highly visible in their new SAR uniforms
Highly visible in their new SAR uniforms

Search and rescue (SAR) teams from around the country, including Marlborough, have been provided with matching uniforms so they will be more easily identified by members of the public.

The overalls with SAR's grey and orange checkerboard colours have plenty of pockets for all their gear and are highly visible in the bush.

Previously, each region organised their own uniforms but after the Canterbury earthquakes, when units from around the country assisted in Christchurch, a need was recognised for uniformity.

Members of Marlborough SAR are front from left, Oli Polson, former chairman John Scobie, chairman Daryl Sladen, Malcolm Brenndan, Mark Boyd and Russell Montgomery; centre from left, John King, Alister Neal and Karen King; rear from left, Terry Stevens, Paul Rennie, Corbin Moore, Alex Bradley and Haydn Sutton.


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