Marlborough Boys' College senior school prizes

00:54, Nov 08 2012
Leatham Landon Lane
Leatham Landon Lane (Dux) and Christopher Swan (Proxime Accessit)

The academic successes of senior Marlborough Boys' College students were recognised during a formal prizegiving at the school hall in Blenheim yesterday afternoon.

College principal Wayne Hegarty reflected on the successes of the school during the past three years and his hopes for the future.

A very positive Education Review Office report earlier this year was a signal that the school had come a long way during the past three years. However, there was much room for improvement.

"I spoke last year of wanting Marlborough Boys' College to be regarded as the best provincial boys' school in New Zealand," he said.

"I used an analogy that I felt we had a foundation and were on the first floor of what needs to be a five-storey building.


"In many elements of our school we have made floor two. There is still a long way to go, however, to reach the fifth floor."

Core values such as pride and respect - which included wearing the correct uniform well, keeping the school grounds tidy and responding to the needs of groups in the school with different backgrounds, behaviours, academic ability and aspirations - were among the work required, he said.

General and service awards:

Senior inter-house competition The M W Girling Memorial Cup, Awatere House, leader Andrew Jeffries; Chess, Luke Topliss; Community service, the Blenheim Round Table Award, Jonathan Cash; Community service, the Inner Wheel Cup, Michael Buckley, Andrew MacDonald; Courage and integrity The Barker Award, Steven Pearce; Emerging environmental leadership The Wilderness Park Trophy, Daniel Goldthorpe; Excellence in public speaking The Rowntree Cup, Daniel Goldthorpe; Leadership, The RSA Trophy, Jack Keown; Leadership and public spirit The Pattie Cup, Leatham Landon-Lane; Leadership potential in Taha Maori and Taha Pakeha The Don Mills Trophy, Te Atatuu Page-Stevens; Senior impromptu speech The J C Irving Prize, Max Bicknell; Senior prepared speech The Blenheim Rotary Club Prize, Daniel Goldthorpe; Service to archives The PTA Award, Alexander Bowen; Service to computers The PTA Award, Dion Woolley; Service to international students The PTA Award, Oliver Baker; Service to juniors The Zonta Cup and prize, William Rayner; Service to other students The PTA Award, Allen Gibbins; Service to others The Zonta Cup and Prize, Ryan Tucker; Service to the library The Frank Mogridge Prize, Leatham Landon-Lane; Service to the library The PTA Award, Codie Paynter; Service within the college The H L Sidaway Trophy, Logan Anderson; Year 11 impromptu speech The J C Irving Prize, Kerry Clapham; Year 11 prepared speech The Blenheim Rotary Club Prize, Robbie Columbus.

Cultural awards:

Best ensemble or group, The MS Betts Cup, Hadley Anderson, Max Bicknell, Piers Dashfield, Michael Ruffell; best rock band at Rockquest, Wired Hearts Jayden and Jesse Paul; best solo guitar performance, Mitch Alderlieste; best woodwind performance, Ashton Blake-Barlow; brass performance The Beatrice Draper Shield, Todd Smith; brass solo, The Ewen Robinson Trophy, Todd Smith; competence in percussion, The L D Craven Trophy, Thornton Church; contribution and leadership, Matthew Oldfield; contribution to performance music, The MBC Trophy, Scott Webley; diligence and achievement in brass music theory, The Riach Cup, Ashton Blake-Barlow; diligence and achievement in brass music theory, The Riach Cup, Todd Smith; musicianship, The Campbell Trophy, Mitch Alderlieste, Todd Smith; senior guitar, The Performance Music Prize, Mitch Alderlieste; senior instrumental solo, The Lindsay Martin Memorial Prize, Ivan Suminski; senior instrumental solo, The Lindsay Martin Memorial Prize, Nicholas Suminski; Senior vocal solo, The H S Williams Cup, Max Bicknell; The David Nightingale Memorial Cup and Award, Jayden Paul.

Cultural golds:

Drama, musical theatre and performance music, Ashton Blake-Barlow; performance music, Mitch Alderlieste, Hadley Anderson, Liam Ashley, Max Bicknell, Thornton Church, Piers Dashfield, Matthew Oldfield, Jayden Paul, Michael Ruffell, Todd Smith, Ivan Suminski, Nicholas Suminski, Joshua Watson, Scott Webley; theatre technician, Michael Buckley, Andrew MacDonald.

Year 11 subject prizes:

General engineering, Nicholas Bennett; furntiure making, Asaph Chaves; physical education, The John Oliver Memorial Cup, Zac Harrison-Jones; Design and visual communication, Brayden Jennison; science, The Devine Prize, Piers Landon-Lane; food technology, Tarin Mason; Art, English, Fraser McIntosh; history, economics and accounting The Winstanley Kerridge Prize, Jack Porter; music, Gennaro Romano; construction and materials technology, digital technology, Samuel Taylor; Agriculture, Kalin Thomas.

D M Wemyss Memorial awards for overall excellence in year 11: Brayden Jennison; Piers Landon-Lane; Fraser McIntosh; Jack Porter; Samuel Taylor.

Year 12 subject awards:

Outdoor education, Matthew Arnold; recreational physical education, The Iron Man Competition, Mitchell Avery; media studies, Ashton Blake-Barlow; sustainable marine science, Simon Brandl; construction and materials technology, Kerry Clapham; accounting, The Winstanley Kerridge Prize, Oliver Clark; geography, Blair Clemett; digital technology, Nathan Cross; food technology, The Chef of the Year Award, Daniel Davidson; biology, English, Sam Flaherty; forestry, Jack Forbes; painting, chemistry, design and visual communication, physics, Hamish Hayes; tourism and travel, The Sir George Seymour Prize, Tristan Hegglun; agriculture, The Paul Ford Memorial Cup, Nisifolo Kula; economics, The Winstanley Kerridge Prize and ANZ Bank Cup, Mathematics, Piers Landon-Lane; photography, Huw Ludemann; history, Fraser McIntosh; electronics, general engineering, The John Cuddon Trophy, Scott McMillan; Te Reo Maori, Te Atatuu Page-Stevens; classical studies, Angus Pauley; music, Steven Simmons; furniture making, The T H Barnes Trophy, national certificate in sport, Matthew Stretch; physical education The William Grant Trophy, Taine Swete; design, Joseph Weaver.

The Port Marlborough Awards for overall excellence in Year 12: Ashton Blake-Barlow; Sam Flaherty; Hamish Hayes; Scott McMillan.

Year 13 subject awards:

Classical studies, English literature, the Dr John Innes Memorial Prize, Piers Dashfield; geography, The Orchard Trophy, Daniel Goldthorpe; national certificate in sport, Tristan Hegglun; agriculture and horticulture, The Young Farmers' Cup, physical education, The Richards Cup, Andrew Jeffries; biology, The Stratford Prize, chemistry, statistics and modelling, senior mathematics, The Daniel Cup, overall excellence in science, The George Spence Prize, Leatham Landon-Lane; English literature, the Clarkson Prize, graphics, the John Oliver Prize, mathematics with calculus, Bennett Lee; physics, science, the Sir Gordon Bell Prize, Luke McCulloch; vocational studies, Scott McIntyre; Digital technology, the Guy Tomlinson Memorial Trophy and the Natcol Design Technology Prize, Chun Tung Mok; sustainable marine science, Angus Nelson; furniture making, general engineering, Jackson Simmons; outdoor education, Glenn Smith; design, painting, photography, art, the Nigel Leeming Award, English, the John Stewart Memorial Prize, Christopher Swan; senior creative writing, The B&G Collins' Prize, Kieran Turrell; history, The John Guard Memorial Prize, research in history, John Davies Memorial Trophy, media studies, Glenn Wallace; music, Scott Webley; forestry, the Ross MacArthur Trophy, Christopher Wiffen; rugby academy, Jack Keown.


The X-Static Trophy and Prize, Logan Anderson; The James d'Auvergne Prize, The Old Boys' Association Award, Tristan Hegglun; The George Graham Trust Scholarship awarded by Lincoln University, The MW Girling Memorial Award, Andrew Jeffries; The Te Rangatahi o Wairau Award, Kagan Kawharu; The Old Boys' Association Award, The Alan Corskie Memorial Scholarship and Trophy, Jack Keown; nomination for the Dr John Innes Scholarship, Leatham Landon-Lane; The William Paul Hodgson Scholarship, Harrison Lock; The William Paul Hodgson Scholarship, Luke McCulloch; The Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology Scholarship, Sean Murray.

Year 13 premier awards

All Round Endeavour The Fulton Cup: Leatham Landon-Lane.

Proxime accessit: The Marlborough Lines Award, The John Hannington Goulding Memorial Prize, Christopher Swan.

Dux: The Marlborough Lines Award, The John Hannington Goulding Memorial Prize, Leatham Landon-Lane.

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