Heart attack suspected in elderly driver

04:46, Nov 12 2012
Witness sought: This car drove through the roundabout at Alfred and Hutchison streets before coming to rest in the garden outside Clubs of Marlborough on Saturday. The driver is suspected to have suffered a fatal heart attack.

Blenheim man Robert Leigh Stobie, 72, died after a suspected heart attack while driving his car in central Blenheim at 11.20 Saturday morning, police say.

Sergeant Graham Single, of Blenheim, said Mr Stobie was the sole occupant of the vehicle.

Mr Stobie is believed to have lost control of the vehicle after having a heart attack and drove through the roundabout at Alfred and Hutcheson Sts, before coming to rest on the garden outside Clubs of Marlborough, he said. 

The serious crash unit are investigating possibilities of mechanical failure or the involvement of other vehicles.

Clubs of Marlborough bar manager Stephen Honey attended the scene with a defibrillator after a passing motorist raised the alarm at about 11.25am, he said.

''They had him out of the car and performing CPR when I got there, we tried to give him a shock but it didn’t want to give him one.''

Mr Honey believes Mr Stobie may have had a pacemaker, because of a vertical scar on the centre of his chest.

He and one other man continued CPR for about five or 10 minutes, until the St John Ambulance arrived, he said.

The Blenheim volunteer fire brigade also attended.


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