Fast-food assault in pub

17:37, Nov 13 2012

A Blenheim woman assaulted a bar manager with a pizza, ripped his shirt and scratched him after being arrested for abusing people in the bar.

Natasha Ema Pritchard, 40, went to the Criterion Hotel in Blenheim about 8pm on Sunday to confront the manager after being arrested earlier in the day. She began throwing slices of pizza at him and attacking him when he tried to call police.

Pritchard, a labourer, formerly of Te Hapara near Gisborne, admitted charges of trespass and assault. She was ordered to pay $350 reparation and sentenced to 80 hours' community work when she appeared in Blenheim District Court yesterday.

Defence lawyer Kent Arnott said Pritchard was extremely embarrassed by what she did. Judge Thomas said the attack was distasteful and the reparation was to pay for emotional harm and to replace the victim's ripped shirt.


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