Mad about coffee

If you love coffee then the place to be this weekend is the CPR coffee shop coffee expo.

The expo will feature equipment demonstrations, roasting, cupping, a slow brew bar and a hands on session where you can learn how to pull a shot. The highlight of the demonstrations will be the latte art workshop with internationally renowned coffee expert, Emma Markland-Webster.

The former British resident, who now lives in Nelson, has 15 years of experience in the coffee industry, and is a founding member of the New Zealand Coffee Roasters industry body. She was the first person to represent New Zealand internationally at a coffee making contest and runs New Zealand's national contests.

"Coffee is just a drink, but it is so much more once you begin to scratch the surface. It is simple yet so complex and has so many taste notes dependant on origin, varietal and terroir," said Emma.

It would seem hard to believe, but 19 years ago she had no interest in coffee. Now her life revolves around it. As the event manager for the NZ Specialty Coffee Association one of her events this year was the Latte Art Championship.

"Latte art should never be about making a bad cup pretty, but about putting the icing on the cake, making a white coffee pleasing to the eye first," she said.

For more information on the CPR coffee expo call 03 579 5030 or e-mail

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