Olive oil stall declared best at fete

Tussock Olive Oil won the best stall at the Garden Marlborough Stihl Sunday fete on Sunday.

Event committee president Frank Metcalfe said yesterday the stall, run by Colin and Hilary Clere, was "a sentimental favourite" as the Cleres were looking to sell and retire so this was likely to be their last year at the fete.

"They always produce a beautifully set up stall, with all the colours matched, beautifully set out, with uniforms. They're always in the front-running of this award.

"They said it was their last year, so it was highly appropriate they were the winners this year.

"They are such lovely people - what better way to say thank you for all the years they've been coming."

The annual competition for best-dressed street had not been run for a few years, mainly because it had not attracted a sponsor, Mr Metcalfe said.

"It's fallen by the wayside."

The 2012 Hunter's Garden Marlborough had been a great success.

More than 1800 tickets were sold for the workshops and garden tours, with about half of those to people from outside the district, and organisers were pleased with the glowing feedback and fantastic weather, he said.

"The whole event was a success and feedback has been brilliant.

"The weather held for the fete and everyone had a great day."

They would take a proper look at surveys and ticket sales over the coming days to get a clear picture of how they stacked up compared to other years, but the general feel was very positive.

It would take some months till the finances of the event were clear.

The gloomy weather forecast did not appear to deter people from checking out the fete at Seymour Square on Sunday, and the spring garden festival ended on a high, he said.

Croads Stihl Shop co-owner Colin McKenzie was at the fete with his ride-on lawnmowers and landscaping machinery.

He thought numbers might have been slightly down on previous years but was pleased with the interest people were showing in their products.

"People have been laying low and paying down debt for a few years, but things seem to be looking up," he said.

Stihl has been the principal sponsor for the fete for 18 years and it is a big day for gardening enthusiasts, he said.

They usually got follow-up inquiries following the fete, he said.


The Marlborough Express