Too spirited at Christmas function

A 44-year-old man was not filled with joy when he was refused service at a Christmas function in Blenheim on Saturday night because he was drunk.

His resulting behaviour in the bar led to his arrest that night and his appearance in the Blenheim District Court yesterday.

Constable Andrew Holdaway, of Blenheim, said police arrived at the pub after an altercation between the man, who is a restaurant manager, and staff at the pub about 10.30pm.

The bar staff had refused to serve the man more alcohol because he was drunk.

The man was charged with disorderly behaviour and resisting arrest. In court yesterday he was remanded to reappear in January for diversion to be considered.

A 33-year-old chef who worked with the man was also arrested after he tried to intervene in the arrest, Mr Holdaway said.

Despite being warned by police, he continued to interfere and was arrested for disorderly behaviour. He was given a pre-charge warning and released when sober.

The Marlborough Express