Triathlon gets a second run-up

18:18, Nov 25 2012

The Marlborough Women's Triathlon will be run in March, after having been pulled just days before it was to be held.

Organised and run by Go Marlborough under contract to the Marlborough District Council, the triathlon was scheduled for last Sunday but was cancelled less than a week out because too few people had entered.

Go Marlborough spokesman Duncan MacKenzie said yesterday a meeting is to be held next week to discuss ways to rejuvenate the event.

Feedback after the cancellation suggested the lead-in time had not been long enough, Mr MacKenzie said.

"A whole lot of people left it to the last minute to enter," he said. "We would have had 70 to 80 entries [if it had not been cancelled]."

An organised training schedule for triathletes was one idea likely to go ahead, although it had yet to be confirmed, he said.


Two fitness professionals would run a 10-week programme beginning in early January in the lead-up to the event as well as organised cycle groups, he said.

Another idea was the possibility of a more advanced triathlon later in the year for women who wanted to challenge themselves further. The event will consist of a longer bike, run and swim, he said.

"It's a stepping stone up from the triathlon," he said. "It will be an addition, not an alternative."

This was to be the third time Go Marlborough has run the event. About 130 women competed in the 2010 event. Fewer than 80 competed at the second triathlon, held in April this year.

Mr MacKenzie hoped a different approach this time would increase the number of entries.

"I have a 200-plus target in mind, and anything above that would be a bonus," he said.

He hoped to promote the event to groups rather than individuals so more people could get involved and work together in achieving their goals.

"We're certainly not going down the path of death or glory," he said.

"We want to see the event back to where it is capable of being."

Marlborough Mayor Alistair Sowman said Go Marlborough's contract to run the event would be reviewed in March.

The Marlborough Express