Grown-up tomfoolery

02:09, Nov 27 2012

Children love seeing adults making fools of themselves on stage, and the theatre version of Roald Dahl's The Twits is enjoying international success.

The family comedy show opens tomorrow night, when Mr and Mrs Twit, the Roly-Poly bird and the Mugglewump monkeys offer lots of audience interaction at the Boathouse Theatre in Blenheim.

Director Duncan Whiting says it is a long time since Marlborough Repertory produced a full-scale family show in Blenheim, and he is confident The Twits, done in conjunction with Marlborough Children's and Youth Theatre, will be a fun pre-Christmas production for families to attend.

Christmas pantomimes are a regular feature in Wellington, he says.

They also have a long tradition in Britain.

At this time of the year, he says, every spare theatre in Britain is booked from now until the end of January with pantomimes.


"Roald Dahl's Matilda is playing to box-office houses in London as we speak."

Fanciful costumes, colourful props and plenty of slapstick comedy will grab children's attention in The Twits, while quirky lines in some of the dialogue will hold adults' attention.

Pantomime also lets adults revisit the joys of childhood, Whiting says.

"An adult's reward is to be able to take a child to some place like this and see their own childhood through the eyes of the child they have taken."

The Twits opens tomorrow night at the Boathouse Theatre, Blenheim, and continues until December 8.

The Marlborough Express