Sculptural artworks proposed

Wellington waterfront sculpture called Solace in the Wind
Wellington waterfront sculpture called Solace in the Wind

Councillors are eager to introduce some of the vibrant arts and culture vibe of Wellington into Marlborough and have agreed with the idea of setting up a sculpture trust.

The proposal for the Marlborough Sculpture Trust came from Councillor David Dew and was adopted yesterday in the Marlborough District Council community and financial planning committee meeting.

Mayor Alistair Sowman backed the concept of providing more visual art for residents and visitors to enjoy.

"It's very exciting and long overdue," he said. "The Wellington waterfront is a wonderful place to be.

"Let's get cracking."

Council support services manager Dean Heiford said many centres around the country had formed trusts to put sculptures in public areas.

The main costs associated with the idea would be more maintenance required on sites where sculptures are installed, he said.

Cr Dew said the financial impact of the idea on the council would be fleshed out as the project got under way, but it was common for councils to contribute a base rate each year.

"It's not necessarily a large amount, just to show support, but most sculpture trusts are far and away funded by the private sector."

Councillor John Leggett asked for more detail about who would decide which sculptures were appropriate, and how the artists would be chosen.

"I'm thinking of knocking up something myself," he said.

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