Generous response to foodbank appeal

18:15, Nov 27 2012

The Marlborough Community Foodbank had its most successful appeal yet as Marlborough residents gave generously on Monday night, the foodbank says.

Bruce Barker, who helped co-ordinate the appeal, said about 200 volunteers helped with the appeal and collected about 400 banana boxes full of food just from Blenheim.

"We're still to get Havelock, Renwick and Spring Creek so we should get about 500 boxes by the time we finish," Mr Barker said.

Home-made preserves, pickles and jams had been particularly popular donations this year along with a lot of Christmas items, such as Christmas puddings, which would be very welcome for families in need, he said.

"I was actually staggered with the enthusiasm and the amount of stuff we actually got. We're living in such a fantastic community that thinks to give so generously to a charity like that."

Foodbank manager David Cosgrove said the amount collected in the street appeal had been increasing every year, but it was heartening to see people donating even more again this year.


"We have a problem once a year when we're getting pretty low and we go out to the people and they respond.

"Some of the things that have been given and things people have done has been quite outstanding and it gives us the confidence to keep going," he said.

The increase was good as the foodbank has also seen a small increase in the number of people needing help over the last year.

"We don't have the rather spectacular step we had a couple of years ago - this particular year the rise is not huge - but it [the number of people needing help] is still rising on an annual basis.

"It's very comforting to see that the community is able to keep pace with the people that we service."


The Marlborough Express