Foster mum gave troubled teens 'a go'

03:26, Nov 28 2012
Glover family
Michael Glover, Jayne Glover, Lara Glover 12, Blair Glover 20

Children moving into her home at 3am, visits from police and sitting with crime victims were all just part of life for Blenheim woman Jayne Glover for more than two decades.

The former nurse, foster mother and Victim Support worker was one of six Marlborough people who received a Kiwibank Local Hero award at a ceremony at the Brancott Heritage Centre last night.

The other members of the group were Picton volunteer fire brigade members Raymond McKay and Barry Archer, Marlborough Gymnastics Club coach Tony Quirk, long-time sports volunteer David Gardiner and young environmentalist Leona Plaisier.

Mrs Glover said she never considered herself in the category of the other award winners, she just wanted to help.

"Over the years we had some of Blenheim's worst teenagers, but we gave them a go and a lot of them did very well.

"Even when I finally did give it up, we still had police arriving at the door saying, ‘Is this one of yours?'."


Like the other recipients, she said it was a chance to make a difference that kept her going.

"I always said if we help one child, it's been worth it. It's about giving back. If you can't give back, then life's not worth it. We're all here to give."

Environmentalist Leona Plaisier, 17, said it was important for communities to celebrate people like her fellow award winners, but each winner said they were humbled to be considered alongside the others.

Mr Quirk said volunteering and community work were about passion.

"For me seeing kids going from 4 and 5-year-olds and developing as people means so much."

However, all the recipients said families and friends had also been key to their work.

Each winner will be considered for a National Hero award to be announced on February 28.

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