Travel broker takes in red carpet mania

18:44, Dec 02 2012

Attending the world premiere screening of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and walking the red carpet with stars was an "incredibly unbelievable" experience for Marlborough woman Ainsley Kelly.

The Rapaura resident worked as a travel broker on the film, which is the first in a trilogy directed by Sir Peter Jackson filmed at locations around New Zealand, including Marlborough.

Ms Kelly said the experience was mind-blowing and it was an honour to be invited to the event in Wellington on Wednesday.

"There were thousands and thousands of people there. People were on all the balconies and hanging out of windows. It was pretty loud. Once they spotted someone famous, they all started shrieking."

At one point an Air New Zealand 777-300 plane with the stars of the film emblazoned on its side flew low over the event on Courtenay Place in the central city. "The crowd went wild. When it came over, it sounded like it was going to land. It was just incredible.

"We pretty much saw everyone [famous actors]. Lots of the actors were signing autographs, they were pretty busy. Everyone seemed to be having a great time on the carpet, it was very relaxed." She and her partner Rob Bruce later watched the film at Reading Cinema. "The 3-D was just amazing."


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