Digital services to expand at libraries

Marlborough's library services will become more digital in the future, but physical books will remain for some time, says district libraries manager Glenn Webster.

Mr Webster said the latest review of public libraries looked at how the digital world made it easier for libraries to collaborate to deliver a seamless service online to all New Zealanders.

"We will continue to further develop our ebook and audio book collection and library management system, as well as thinking about new the facilities we will offer.

"There will absolutely be books on the shelves in the future, but there is space required for those books, so we are looking at a range of options to suit everyone."

Mr Webster presented the Public Libraries of New Zealand strategic framework 2012-17 at the Marlborough District Council's community and financial planning committee meeting this week.

The framework, which followed the 2006 review, was intended to be a catalyst for libraries to ensure they are meeting the changing needs of the community, he said.

The Picton and Blenheim libraries already tapped into cloud-based resources which had the benefits of cost sharing and increased services for the community.

Marlborough libraries were the first to join the shared library management system in September last year. There are now 13 using the network.

The system is administered by National Library New Zealand and provides links to up-to-date articles and related information on any number of topics.

Marlborough libraries are part of the ebook consortium, South Island Downloadable Zone, which has more than 900 ebooks and audiobooks that library members can access from the Marlborough District Libraries website.


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