Drivers busted on cellphones

18:32, Dec 03 2012

At least a dozen drivers in Marlborough were busted talking on their phones during the week-long police crackdown on drivers using cellphones.

The blitz ran from Monday to Sunday last week, marking the third anniversary of the ban on using cellphones when driving.

Operation manager Senior Sergeant Peter Payne said he was surprised people were still talking on their phone while driving.

"Compliance is still low," he said.

"We obviously need to educate people more to the dangers."

The drivers had been caught in all parts of Marlborough.


"It was across the board," he said.

"On the State Highway doing 100kmh and in town in the 30kmh zone."

Those driving on state highways were less of a surprise because people did not seem to think they would get caught in less populated areas, he said.

"I was surprised that people would be on phones around town, though, with the distractions there anyway."

Police would continue to issue infringement fines of $80 and 20 demerit points to drivers using a cellphone after the blitz, Mr Payne said.

During the next few months police would be putting the focus on speed, alcohol and making sure people were wearing their seatbelts. "It's coming up to that time; people need to remember to drive to the conditions, be sensible, and find a ride home if you're out drinking."

The Marlborough Express