Slow down - police

Some drivers are still not getting the message about the risks of speeding, police said yesterday.

One Blenheim woman was clocked last week doing almost 140 kilometres an hour in a 100kmh zone.

A police operation targeting speeding drivers on State Highway 6 between Rai Valley and Renwick is into its third week.

Marlborough highway patrol head Sergeant Barrie Greenall said 58 speeding tickets had been issued since the operation began.

The highest speed recorded so far was a woman doing 139kmh near Canvastown on Monday last week.

The second highest speed was a motorcyclist doing 135kmh near Havelock on Sunday.

A lot of people broke the speed limit between Rai Saddle and Okaramio, he said.

"It might be they believe if they can get past that area they can make the trip faster," Mr Greenall said.

"They may have gained five seconds but the risk they've done to gain that five seconds is huge."

The majority of people were getting the message, but there was always going to be a some drivers who ignored the rules, Mr Greenall said.

The number of people who supported the campaign has been surprising.

"It's really positive that the local residents are supportive of it," he said.

"A lot of people are saying ‘about time'."

The campaign is running until the end of May.

The Marlborough Express