Meters verified

Less than half the water meters installed in Marlborough have been verified as accurate but this is a good result compared to other parts of the country, says Dave Lane, Marlborough District Council's water information services co-ordinator.

Mr Lane told the council's Environment Committee that approved verifiers had confirmed the accuracy of meters measuring water usage for 110 of 260 active water permits; an outstanding result compared with other areas of New Zealand.

Permit holders taking 20 litres of water per second or more had to install meters emitting an electronic pulse, which automatically record readings, by November 10 this year, he said. These must be verified as working accurately by June 30, as required under new resource management regulations.

Water users were also required to take daily water use readings and send continous records to the council.

The council would launch a new website where people could log and access water use data early in the new year.

The Marlborough Express