Lesson of gifts worth having

23:05, Dec 05 2012
Cheryl Williams
Marlborough express advertising representative Cheryl Williams along with the receptionist team will be collecting Christmas gifts to be donated to families around Blenheim by the Salvation Army

Taking your child shopping this Christmas and encouraging them to pick out an extra present for a family in Marlborough less fortunate than yourself is a good life lesson, says Marlborough Express receptionist Lorri Taylor.

Mrs Taylor wanted to remind people about the Marlborough Express Christmas basket where people could donate gifts to be distributed in time for Christmas by the Salvation Army in Blenheim.

Parcels did not even have to be wrapped, she said.

"But if you have some spare wrapping paper, pop that in the basket as well."

The oversized Christmas basket was sitting at reception in the Marlborough Express office on Arthur St, Mrs Taylor said.

Parcels could be donated up to December 17, she said.


"We have done this every year for a long time.

"People can bring in all sorts of goodies.

"The gifts are usually for children under 12 but if people have presents for older children, that's fine as well. Just bring in heaps."

The Marlborough Express was also looking for donations of non-perishable goods like Christmas puddings, boxes of chocolates and other special treats.

"That way families can have a treat for Christmas dinner as well."

The Salvation Army came and emptied the basket every time it filled up, Mrs Taylor said.

"We normally get at least four baskets of goodies," she said.

"I think it's great when mums go shopping and if they have been talking to their children about this, tell them to pick out an extra gift for somebody less fortunate."

Parents should encourage their children to bring the gifts, she said: "There are plenty of under-privileged kids in Marlborough and a lot of families are struggling.

"It doesn't matter if it's only a small thing, every little helps."

The gifts will be distributed by the Salvation Army from December 19.