Man won't reveal fired gun's whereabouts

A Spring Creek man and his friends have refused to tell police where they hid a shotgun after being caught driving around firing the gun in a forestry block.

On Monday, police prosecutor Sergeant Mark Harris told the Blenheim District Court that none of the four men had a gun licence, but they refused to tell police where the shotgun was when they were spoken to about the incident, which happened about 4pm on June 12.

Ricky John King, 24, a labourer of Spring Creek, admitted a charge of unlawfully using a shotgun. Judge Stephen Harrop sentenced King to 40 hours' community work.

Mr Harris said King told police the group were "just having fun" when he fired the gun while the group were driving around on Nelson Forestry land near Tuamarina. King hit a road sign with one of his shots, Mr Harris said, but defence lawyer Kent Arnott said King denied shooting the road sign, although he admitted firing the gun during the drive.

Judge Harrop told King it was a serious crime as he could have accidentally shot someone.