Blitz on fines nets $45,000

Police have collected thousands of dollars in overdue reparation payments and fines.

They seized almost $45,000 in property and cash on Thursday as part of a joint operation with the Ministry of Justice to recover outstanding reparation payments.

More than $11,000 of that was owed to victims of crime.

Police teamed up with bailiffs and other collections staff to recover the overdue payments. They seized property when the person with overdue fines and reparations had no cash. Property seized included four vehicles, a motorbike, musical instruments and computers.

Marlborough police area commander Inspector Steve Caldwell said the fines and reparations recovered were long overdue.

"The message also becomes quite clear . . . when their car is taken away or the computer is carried out the door," he said.

The operation was about holding offenders to account. "My advice to anyone who has outstanding fines or reparation payments is to take responsibility for payment," he said. "Otherwise you can expect us to come visiting."

The Marlborough Express