Upgrade causes Telecom broadband outage

About 200,000 Telecom customers are without internet this morning after an overnight system upgrade went wrong.

Telecom spokeswoman Jo Jalfron said broadband was out to two-thirds of customers, about 200,000 connections, following a system upgrade overnight. Problems started about 1am, she said, and would hopefuly be resolved quickly.

She apologised for the inconvenience and asked customers to be patient as Telecom's call centre was also expereiencing problems.

A spokesperson for bank-owned payments operator Paymark confirmed its system had been affected by the external connectivity issue.

Calls to Eftpos New Zealand were answered with this recorded message:

"We are aware of external processing problems currently impacting on some Eftpos transactions. The Eftpos New Zealand network is operating normally and not experiencing any reported issues."

Z Energy spokesman Jonathan Hill said the outage was affecting a number of the petrol retailer's sites.

Telecom Retail chief executive Chris Quin tweeted that there had been a major broadband issue since early this morning: "...all escalation working on it right now and will update...sorry," he tweeted.

Telecom help lines were overloaded this morning.

Jalfron said broadband shoud  automatically just restore but for a small number of people they may have to restart their modem.

The Marlborough Express