Young healthy heroes reap rewards

18:01, Dec 11 2012

Eating healthy, exercising and doing good deeds have been the focus for 24 year five and six pupils at Picton Primary School for the past nine weeks.

The pupils were taking part in the Rotary Healthy Heroes programme, which saw them challenged to eat something healthy, do some exercise and help someone in some way each day.

They were were also challenged to exercise their minds with something new, such as reading a book or doing puzzle, each week.

They also learn about growing their own vegetables at home and how to make a vege garden, with each child tasked with planting and growing a bean plant. The majority of their work was done at home, with each pupil filling in what they had done in a progress book signed off by their teacher, Helen Boudier. At the end of the six and eight weeks the pupils won prizes and at the conclusion of the nine weeks they were all rewarded with certificates and T-shirts.

"They have been so enthusiastic about it, I really haven't had to push any of them," said Helen. "It's not as if they consider this as homework, they have really enjoyed doing it."

This was the second year the school has run the programme, which is an initiative of Rotary New Zealand. Helen explained they are totally reliant on Rotary for the supplies such as the the books, garden tools, prizes and T-shirts.


"It' a great initiative and I want to keep it going each year."

For enthusiastic year 5 pupil, Sophie Overend, 10, and year 6 pupil, Ashleigh Rossiter,11, the Healthy Heroes challenge was great fun and something they look forward to doing next year again.

"It makes you feel good about yourself to eat healthy and exercise - it's been a really fun challenge," said Sophie.

Her mum, Katherine Overend said the programme tied in perfectly with the culture of healthy eating she had developed at home.

"We want to say a big thank you to Rotary and the Picton Rotary Club," Helen said.

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