Hospice grateful for generous donation

18:28, Dec 11 2012

Hospice Marlborough has received a welcome cash injection from Lodge Eckford in Blenheim, to buy a $1600 entonox anaesthesia cylinder and $3000 for the maintenance and repair of the hospice mobility scooters.

This isn't the first time the lodge has supported the hospice, having bought beds for the organisation in the past.

"We do a project each year and this year we decided to support [the] hospice again. They do such great work in the community and are a really worthwhile cause," said Lodge Eckford secretary, Harry Halliday.

The entonox cylinder is used for pain relief for patients and is an invaluable piece of equipment. The money for the repair and maintenance of the mobility scooters has come at a good time, said Hospice Marlborough clinical nurse leader, Trisha Falleni. She said three of the six scooters are not in working order.

"The lodge has been a great supporter of [the] hospice and some of their members are even volunteers with [the] hospice," Trisha said. "We really appreciate their help."

She said the extra mobility scooters would give more patients greater independence.


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