Rare 12 12 12 birthdays

18:53, Dec 12 2012
Armani Love-Moses
Armani Love-Moses turns 12 today

People celebrating their birthdays today can lay claim to being special.

The date 12/12/12 crops up only once in a hundred years, and today's celebrations will be the last same-date birthdays for 88 years.

Springlands School pupil Georgina Dempster turns 10 today, and will be celebrating with an afternoon tea with family members including parents Kristen and Stephen Dempster and her brother Reuben, 7. Mrs Dempster said Georgina had a birthday party last month because December was such a busy time.

Rachel Brown
Rachel Brown turns 8 today

Meanwhile, Queen Charlotte College student Armani Love-Moses has a doubly special birthday today, turning 12 on 12/12/12. See the Express tomorrow to check out Armani celebrating the once-in-a-century event on the Waikawa foreshore.

Rachel Brown is also celebrating her birthday today. Rachel goes to Whitney Street School and is turning 8.

Dylan McClintock is turning 13 today. Dylan used to live in Blenhim and now lives in Ashburton.


Bryn and Owen Cullen
ALL THE 12S: The stars have aligned for Bryn and Owen Cullen’s 12th birthday on Wednesday.

David McNamara is turning 17 today.  David was born in Blenheim and now lives in Perth. 

Kyan Reynolds is turning 7 today.  Kyan is in room 4 at Renwick School

Nixon Herd is turning 2 today. Sadly Nixon's great grandmother died today.

Dylan McClintock
Dylan McClintock is turning 13 today.

Derek Spragg is turning 76 today. Derek is living in Canada and still plays ice hockey once a week

Happy birthday everyone


David McNamara
David McNamara is turning 17 today

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Kyan Renolds
Kyan Reynolds turns 7 today
Nixon Herd
Nixon Herd is turning 2 today
Ed Spragg
Derek Spragg is 76 today
Geena and Max Hutton
HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Twins Geena and Max Hutton.
Georgina Dempster
Georgina Dempster turns 10 today
Andie Gillings
SWEET OFFERING: Andie Gillings celebrates her milestone birthday, turning 12 on the 12th day of the 12th month of 2012, courtesy of 12 donated cupcakes from Queenstown’s Cup & Cake.
Braydan Watkins celebrates his 12th  birthday on the 12th of the 12th, 2012.
MEMORABLE DAY: Braydan Watkins celebrates his 12th birthday on the 12th of the 12th, 2012.
 Joan Burnett
RARE BIRTHDAY: Colourful, community champion Joan Burnett turns 91 today – December 12, 2012.
Kane Dowman
Kane Dowman of Wainuiomata, turns 12 today
NAthan Crook
LUCKY NUMBER: On 12/12/12 Nathan Crook will celebrate his 12th birthday.

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