Hours spent on teacher pay fix

02:07, Dec 14 2012

Payroll administrators at primary schools around Marlborough are still spending extra hours fixing pay errors in the Novopay payroll system, principals say.

An email sent to all schools on Wednesday confirmed all 92,000 staff around the country had been paid in Novopay's end-of-year pay cycle.

The latest problem administrators are dealing with is sorting out overpayments of holiday pay for support staff.

At Bohally Intermediate School, four staff were affected by random payments: one teacher aide did not receive their holiday payout of about $1000; a cleaner was overpaid about $1500; an office worker was overpaid $800; two teachers in a job-share position were mis-paid - one received their holiday pay and the other did not.

Bohally Intermediate School principal Andrew Read said the payroll administrator was putting in between 12 and 15 extra hours a week during the busy end-of-term weeks checking staff pay, ringing the Novopay helpline and paying staff out of the school's operation budget, which was meant for school resources.

The whole system had been a disaster from the outset, he said.


Witherlea School principal Murray Hewson said many staff members had experienced unauthorised, random and frequent deductions from their pay.

Five staff had their holiday pay affected; two support staff on fixed-term positions did not receive their holiday pay at all.

Since Novopay's introduction in August, the school had spent about $20,000 from their operational budget to pay their staff correctly, Mr Hewson said.

The school's payroll administrator was having to work an extra 12 hours each week, he said.The final pay run for teachers is December 21.

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